About us

Sales Consultants was founded in January 1990 to provide sales training and infield sales coaching based on sound psychology and tailored to meet the client’s needs. This approach was a contrast to the off the shelf, audio and or video based packages used by most training providers of the day.

Over the past 21 years Sales Consultants has grown into a specialised firm offering a range of services that are aimed at increasing sales and reducing the cost of selling for its clients. The approach is holistic and covers every aspect of improving the client’s sales performance from internal and external sales force competence, sales support processes to enabling technology.
We have worked with companies with a sales force of 5 through to several hundred across different industries and market segments.

Our determination to remain a leader in the sales effectiveness space is supported by ongoing investment in research. Our focus on uncovering new practices in professional selling, identifying trends, and refinements in lean sales support processes and new product development in Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and Business Intelligence.
We have a team of handpicked consultants who have extensive experience and up to date knowledge in their field of expertise. Depending on the client project they can work on their own or as a unit to achieve the agreed outcomes. Our aim is twofold - to give clients exceptional value and an edge over their competitors.
Sales Consultants over the years has developed strategic alliances both within Australia and internationally with key partners who have proven their worth and integrity to all stakeholders.

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