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Kurt Newman interview' -NSW Business Chamber

Winning The Local Business Chamber of Commerce 2015

To put this award into perspective there are 270 chamber of commerce organisations in NSW and we achieve the award in just under 2 years from the date of establishment. It is also a first for the NSW Business Chamber’s 190 year history.
What does this mean from a prospective clients’ point of view? It validates that I know how to structure an organisation, put a winning team together, motivate them, work through difficulties and challenges and differentiate from competitors. This was recognised by an independent body as being the best in it’s field.

P.S. I was interviewed immediately after winning and just outside the function. There were well over 1,000 people attended with dozens in and around the cameras and side walk. It was very noisy hence my difficulty in hearing at times.

Kurt Newman interview' -NSW Business Chamber

This interview was done on 14 June 2016. The interviewer was Margot Griffiths of the NSW Business Chamber. The event was The Local Chamber of Commerce Presidents Day. The interview was uploaded onto their website and promoted to all chambers. Their motivation was so other chambers may learn what the winning chamber did and why.