Sales Development

Selling is both an art and a science. Mastering it is the single most important factor in building sales revenue. Our reputation is built on the achievement of strong mastery of the selling process for our clients and one that you can also manage the cost associated with selling.

At Sales Consultants, we’ve all spent our entire careers doing just that… selling and improving the way selling is practised. We’ve done this by:
Creating a central catchment of the best from the best. No formula templates – just a single, coherent and ever-expanding pool of the best research, skills, human approaches, practical learning techniques, and ways to relate to and understand people.
Having a ‘best teacher’ approach to helping the sales force lap up a large amount of exciting new learning. Remember how well you did in school subjects with your favourite teacher?

Kurt Newman, Managing Director
Sales Consultant’s presents
Michael Fuz with his Level 6 Accreditation 
Working with sales managers and salespeople in their daily life experiences and building their selling competence with rigour, discipline and consistency.
How qualified do your sales people need to be to work with Sales Consultants?
Exciting results often come when we start working with a broad spectrum of sales force competence. We can take a person new to sales or the best sales performer a company has and develop them to level 6 – the highest rung on the 6 Level Sales Competency Standards. The mean average sales competence across the many industries and market segments we have been involved with is 3. It appears that years spent selling in itself has little impact in achieving a higher level of selling competence.
Structured Sales Training
On completion of the Infield Sales Review a competency based sales training and development program is designed. A learner’s manual is written for the course participants and used during the classroom structured learning. It contains comprehensive information on each subject so much so that many salespeople use the learner’s manual as a future reference book.
Infield Sales Coaching
Should it be required and deemed appropriate, our sales coaches are skilled in going to the sales interface with your salespeople and demonstrating in real life situations a skill or combination of skills whilst keeping our client’s customer feeling comfortable. A highly valuable self evaluation of the experience, the curb-side conference, often follows. This is a supportive review process of the sales call using what had been learnt in a previous structured classroom environment. The ability of a sales person to objectively self-evaluate a sales call and self-correct for the next call is one of the core competencies of Level 6.

Infield Sales Coaching helps each individual salesperson to become more competent with a tailored plan to suit their needs. We have turned around the most hardened 20 and 30 year sales veterans.
Sales Mentoring
We help to nurture and grow sales managers and key salespeople. The Managing Director of Sales Consultants is the principal mentor because of his extensive knowledge and experience in these fields. Some of our clients prefer a formalized written agreement whilst others want the mentoring to remain informal. Our mentees have gone onto becoming number 1 in their company for sales, National Sales Management, Sales Director and General Management roles.
We can assist you to make your salespeople into your company’s point of difference as experienced by your customers. If you want to know more about how to develop one or all of your salespeople’s selling competence.

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