Infield Sales Review      
This is the first step and precedes any implementation.   The Infield Sales Review looks objectively at the current situation – ‘what is.’ Depending on the client objectives it can include one or more of the following activities:

1. Assess the strategic sales plan if one has been written
2. Evaluate the sales structure and the sales process
3. Accompany the salesperson on their sales calls. This is to understand the salesperson’s selling environment, their behaviour in front a customer or potential customer and to identify their selling competence level
4. A review of the current sales training program if one exists
5. Interview and observe sales support personnel such as telesales and customer service
6. Review the business and sales support processes
7.Analyse the enabling technology such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce Automation (SFA) or Business Intelligence (BI) to uncover areas that may impede sales performance

On completion a report is presented with the results of the findings and recommendations to senior management. The client can elect to implement the recommendations themselves or use Sales Consultant’s services to do so.

Structured Sales Training
The classroom sales training is structured in a competency based format and is tailored to meet specific client objectives and to meet the needs as uncovered in the Infield Sales Review. The participant classroom size ranges from 8-15. Classroom training in sales and related subjects is often completed by management, sales support including telesales and customer service, administration and warehouse personnel. This is to complement those clients whose aim is to develop a sales and customer service culture. For more information on structured Sales Training please refer to Sales Development.
Classroom Training

All training is competency based and is tailored to meet specific needs as uncovered in the Review. Class sizes usually range from 8-15 participants. A comprehensive colour enhanced learner’s manual is provided which is also designed to be used as a future reference. Many sale people keep it in the back seat of their cars and refer to it as and when needed. Classroom training is done with management, sales people, support personnel such as customer service and administration.

Infield Sales Coaching and Mentoring
For information on Infield Sales Coaching and Mentoring please refer to Sales Development
Train & Certify to Level 6 Sales Competence

The structured sales training, infield sales coaching and mentoring are designed to improve the selling competence of your salespeople to achieve Level 6 in either Relationship or Consultative Selling environments.

The levels are:
1. The Beginner
2. The Novice
3. The Disciplined
4. The Competent
5. The High Flyer
6. The Professional

To be certified to Level 6 Competence requires the successful completion of a written knowledge assessment To assess the practical application of a salesperson’s sales competence one of our consultants will spend time with the salesperson calling on customers and potential customers in the salesperson’s selling territory.
Lead Management and the Sales Stack

In a complex selling environment the decision to purchase a product or service can often take many months or years before confirmation of the sale. The product or service usually requires a substantial investment of money and has often not been budgeted for by the prospective client or client. The selling cycle can therefore be extended even further causing frustration for the salesperson that hasn’t the skills or attributes to work successfully in this selling environment. Prospective clients will tend to use trusted past suppliers making it difficult for the salesperson to develop new business opportunities.

We can tailor a sales development program to suit your unique selling situation and modify the Sales Stack in manual or electronic form.

Strategic Sales Planning
The sales function of an organisation is often seen as an independent team of people that follow up ‘leads’, use their sales skills to sell the company’s offerings to the every prospective customer they meet and then move on to the next prospect to make another sale.  Many organisations have no linkage between the Company Strategy, the Marketing Plan and the Sales Team’s day to day activity.

A Strategic Sales Plan is required that logically flows from the Marketing Plan which is in turn a manifestation of the Company’s overall strategy.  The Strategic Sales Plan is defined in collaboration with the other business units such as Human Resources, Research and Development, Manufacturing and Logistics.

To define a Strategic Sales Plan, Sales Consultants assesses the current sales approach and then works with executive management to arrive at a plan that is completely aligned to the business plan.  A well-constructed and executed Strategic Sales Plan will greatly improve sales efficiency/effectiveness as well as return on investment in sales resource and ultimately increase profits through greater customer satisfaction and hence high margin repeat business.
Assisted or full service recruitment

Our Ultimate Sales Recruitment Process ensures the hiring of top performers that will sell your product in your market.
All too often companies are recruiting new sales people based on their track record, often supported by an over embellished CV and a charming personality.

Put simply, if this worked, most new hires would go on to be successful and valuable assets to the business. Unfortunately, too many companies continue to hire liabilities, accepting this as a normal part of sales recruitment.

Through identifying the key behaviours needed for success, our Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (known as STAR), ensures only sales people who will sell your product or service are hired into the business. It eliminates the risk of being taken in by a candidate’s charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume.

STAR is a sales specific recruitment solution that thousands of companies are now relying on to choose winning sales people, sales managers, and those who are required to build client relationships and develop new business.

We start with your criteria for success – obvious, we know, but our approach is different. We get a clear understanding of the criteria for success in your market. We identify the candidates experience in the 20 most important areas that will influence sales success including:

1. Markets in which you operate
2. To whom you sell
3. Level of competition
4. Sell Cycle
5. Method of compensation

This allows us to identify candidates with the shortest ramp up time when selling in your market. A short ramp up time is a must in the current economic climate.

Over 250,000 sales candidates have been assessed using the STAR Express Screen assessment methodology with 96% accuracy in predicting sales success in a particular environment.

Our claims are supported by a PhD report commissioned in 2007 which highlighted:

1. 95% of recommended candidates were retained for at least one year
2. Of these, 92% were performing in the top half of the sales force
3. In the instances where companies had hired candidates against the recommendation to not hire, of these only 25% had been retained and of those remaining only 33% ranked in the top half of the sales force at the end of a year

We are passionate about making our clients more successful through helping their businesses attract and retain only “A Players”.

Lean Business Processes

Sales Consultants has universal reach across your business processes. We work with managers in assessing what needs to be improved. Our skills lie in assisting management to identify directions that need to be taken. Face to face interviews with us can also bring out the insights of your sales team members.

Our experience is generic; we have the advantage of working in an array of industries so we are not specialised in one area, we continue to gather skills and insights. While we take a serious interest in your business, we are cognisant of issues such as ownership of your intellectual property (IP) and privacy issues and are prepared to commit to agreements regarding IP and disclosure.

The best way to test our appreciation of process and the many things we have done to improve it over the years is to run through your specific interests with us in person. We understand you may not want to tell us your inner secrets but we can consider together hypothetical settings.

You will find our skilled approach in interviewing your people brings us to a fresh truth.
Enabling Technology

Whether Customer Relationship Management, Sales force Automation or Business Intelligence is required we can help you analyse what you really need. In many cases fine tuning is all it takes. If more modern or appropriate technology is requires we can negotiate the purchase, install the equipment and make sure it works and that your staff know how to use it. We work closely with our clients in training and building confidence in the use of enabling technology particularly those who are not comfortable with it so that sales improve.

From a management perspective, efficient enabling technology can deliver real time feedback on the progress of your company’s performance.

Marketing and Branding


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