What Do We Do?

Our aim is twofold: to give our clients exceptional value and an edge over their competitors. The approach we take is holistic. We will work with you to uncover the hidden opportunities within your business to dramatically improve sales capability. We will create an action plan to capitalise on these opportunities and provide the assistance and resources to implement it.

“Sales Consultants has transformed our business development managers into a professional sales team.

Our services are aimed at the business-to-business sector. We work with new salespeople through to sales veterans with decades of experience; in complex environments involving multiple buyers and multiple sales meetings over lengthy periods; and in shorter selling cycles with a single buyer where decisions are made within a meeting or two.

We focus on maximising the potential of your sales team. It’s about equipping them with the very best of knowledge, skills and attributes to uplift their sales capability and enhance their careers. We do this via active learning, constructive feedback, practical support and follow up.

All of our clients are important to us and we value and foster the connections. We have a stake in your continued success. Every salesperson and sales manager we work with has ongoing access to us for unlimited follow-up advice and assistance.

One-on-one sales coaching

We begin by discussing and identifying the individual development needs of the salesperson and tailor a program to be implemented over an agreed timeframe. One-on-one sales coaching is a focused approach and proven way to improve sales competence or fast track sales careers.

A one-on-one sales coaching engagement is typically for 6 months and includes:

  • An initial interview with the salesperson to establish the scope of development. We will accompany you on sales calls to fully understand your world. A questionnaire is also completed
  • Establishing and agreeing specific goals and measures
  • Designing and presenting a tailored sales coaching program
  • Four half-day (or two full-day) sessions of competency-based training
  • Accompanying the salesperson on sales calls over half or one day time units
  • 14 one-hour meetings
  • Email and phone call support
  • Inclusion of learner manuals and materials

One-on-one sales coaching can take 3 to 12 months and sales experience levels can range from beginners through to experts with 30 years

I’ve seen even the most unlikely individuals transform into a salesperson.”
 Nick F Fisher Chief Executive Officer, MASTERBULK PTE LTD

Infield sales review

This is designed to uncover the real issues inhibiting sales performance. The process includes:

  • Agreeing the objectives and the scope
  • Evaluating the sales structure and current sales process
  • Accompanying individual salespeople on account management and prospect sales calls. This is to fully understand the opportunities and
    difficulties they may have. This process also identifies their level of sales competence
  • Reviewing past sales training (if applicable)
  • Interviewing sales support personnel and identifying competency and issues
  • Assessing the quality of client record information and the sales pipeline.

On completion, a report of the findings and recommendations is presented to senior management, or, in some cases, the board of directors. The client may elect to implement the recommendations themselves or employ our services to do so.

“Unlocking high performing potential is what Kurt does best.”
Philip Wilson National Sales & Marketing Manager, TOLL PEOPLE

Structured sales training and infield sales coaching

This combination provides the greatest opportunity for everyone in the sales team to develop Level 6 Sales Competence. The sales training is structured in a competency-based format and is tailored to meet the objectives identified in the Infield Sales Review. The content can cover relatively straightforward sales competency development through to the most complex scenario where a product or service will require board approval.

Depending on the number of salespeople in the company, the facilitated sessions are in groups of 6 to 14 to ensure individual attention, knowledge and skills transfer. All material, including learner manuals, is supplied.

The structured training provides a solid foundation to build sales competence to a higher level. To accelerate this process Infield Sales Coaching is implemented. This proven process has resulted in salespeople achieving Level 6 Sales Competence, created a point of difference for the business and dramatically improved sales performance. The levels are:

  • Level 6 – The Professional
  • Level 5 – The High Flyer
  • Level 4 – The Competent
  • Level 3 – The Disciplined
  • Level 2 – The Novice
  • Level 1 – The Beginner

The mean average across industries is 3. A salesperson at level 4 has a distinct competitive advantage and is differentiated from their competitors.

A sales coach works closely with individual salespeople within the sales team. The emphasis is on the practical application of knowledge, skills and sales strategies learnt and how these are applied in everyday sales situations. To achieve this, the sales coach accompanies the salesperson on sales calls and, if needed, will demonstrate a sales skill live. When this is done it is pre-planned and provides an experience the salesperson will always remember.

Post sales training option

To reinforce the knowledge and skills developed during the structured sales training, we record the sessions so your salespeople have ready access to all sessions at any time. The video is available by logging in to our website with the password we provide. This maintains confidentiality and exclusivity ensuring only your salespeople have access to the material.

For clients who wish to develop a sales and customer service culture, the structured training can be extended and adapted to include personnel from management, sales support, administration and operations teams.

“Sales Consultants will deliver unquestionable value to any sales force.”
Jim Haritonas Southern Region Sales Manager, FOR ARTS SAKE

Your Personal Sales Coach

This service is suitable for salespeople and sales managers who want to increase their knowledge and refine their sales skills and strategies. The service can assist in overcoming sales difficulties or to maximise sales opportunities. In many instances the individual is located interstate or in another part of the world.

Our sales coach can work with you to develop your specific agenda and content.


  • Can contact our sales coach by phone, email or Skype to discuss your sales or sales management situation
  • Will receive a subscription to our sales blogs and the Sales Consultant’s Sales Blog Library
  • Will receive 21 Timeless Insights for Sales Success book
  • Have access to a sales coach for 3 months…or longer if you choose
  • Can contact our sales coach at intervals that suit you and there is no time limit per session.


We nurture and grow key salespeople and sales managers’ careers through mentoring. Mentoring can add value to your business by cultivating loyalty, boosting morale and motivation, uncovering hidden talent and attracting quality individuals from other companies. Productivity is also improved. We match the mentor with the mentee to ensure there is synergy as well as value the mentor can provide. You can elect to have a formalised written agreement or a less formal approach if you prefer. Mentoring arrangements are usually for 12 months.

Some of our past mentees have gone on to become national sales coaches, sales directors and general managers who, in turn, have taken the opportunity to mentor others.

In-house sales academy

If your company has a sales team of 60 or more salespeople, it is worth considering developing and implementing an In-house Sales Academy. A Sales Academy can provide greater control of your sales team’s development and sales capability, and can form part of a new salespeople’s induction into your business. The structure and content is tailored to meet your specific organisational objectives.

Sales Conferences

Do you have a sales conference coming up? Are you in need of a keynote speaker? Kurt Newman, is available to speak at your conference or deliver a half-day to one-day structured training and development session with content tailored to suit your specific needs.