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Susie Osmond - Sales Representative
Thanks so much for the extra attention, I appreciate that you gave up your breaks to ensure my success. A credit to your training, I walked in a confident know-it-all (that's C+I+A for you) and was humble to realise there where better ways to do things, on the other hand there were also the quiet achievers being empowered by lessons who are now equipped with the tools and confidence to do great things. How rewarding!

Geoff McLean - Sales Representative
A big Fat Thank You for all your hard work and preparation you put into last weeks sales training in Melbourne.

For me I got heaps and heaps out of it not only did I get to freshen up my skills a bit I also learned a few new things as well.

The amount of thought and preparation that has gone into the establishment of your entire system is 'awesome!' And, whilst I cannot talk for all of us I am sure everybody else thinks the same.

I promise in return for your efforts to work hard and implement the 6 P's using the system to the max!!

Again thank you very much for your effort.

Mark Griffiths - Director of Marketing
Just a quick note to give some feedback after you presented at our mid-year sales conference. Given we have a team of very long term sales people, who are quick to tell you they've seen it all, the feedback was overwhelmingly excellent. Not only was the message relevant to all, it served as a timely reminder that we don't know it all, and certainly don't practice it on a regular basis. Your presentation also made everyone feel comfortable in the environment and able to take on the real message without feeling like they were back at school.

Matt Burgess - Sales Representative

I found the training was EXTREMELY helpful because I felt in control when applying the sales process and when I was taken off track by comments or objections by a prospect I would ARQA-FM and bring them back on track, all the time watching body language and style shifting when required. (This on my first day after the course!!! - how good will I be in six month?)
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