Who Are We?

Sales Consultants was founded by Kurt Newman in January 1990 with a purpose to help businesses unlock their true profitability and enhance the recognition and standing of the sales profession.

“Sales Consultants is led by a natural sales leader with an outstanding track record of increasing revenues and
decreasing costs.”
Ed Turval Director Business Transformation, MERCURI URVAL

Innovation is the key to our continued success. We invest in research and development and constantly evaluate and refine our approach to ensure the knowledge and training we bring to you is the latest and the best. Being well connected globally (with a client base that extends to Europe, the Middle East and Asia) we have our finger on the pulse of all new market trends. We pass on new skills and strategies once an approach is tested and verified. This gives our clients the confidence that they are getting the best available expert help to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our Team

Kurt leads a team of highly successful consultants who are outstanding sales performers in their own right and are gifted at business analysis,  coaching and training others to the highest possible levels of sales expertise.

Practical “real world” experience coupled with ongoing professional development is a condition of being part of the team.

More About Kurt

Kurt Newman is a recognised sales expert, successful author and respected coach and mentor who has guided many well-known companies to improved profitability and countless sales professionals to greater success. Following an outstanding, award-winning and record-making career in sales that spanned three decades and covered all major market segments, Kurt focuses his expertise on to others through his work with Sales Consultants and community-based initiatives. Kurt is a much sought-after expert and speaker who has been interviewed for business media including the Qantas In-Flight Radio Program ‘Talking Business’. He writes regularly for a global audience of subscribers. His articles have appeared in The Financial Review, Management Today, Training and Development and a range of on-line forums. He is the author of “21 Timeless Insights for Sales Success”.

“Kurt’s knowledge of the sales process, his ability to impart new ideas and technology is of the highest standard.”
Ross Hardy Senior Sales Executive, OOCL AUSTRALIA