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We Collaborate with Organisations to Reach an Exceptional Level of Sales Performance.


Infield Sales Review

The aim of the Infield Sales Review is to understand the client’s selling environment and to uncover the real issues preventing better sales performance.

Structured Sales Training

The structured sales training is competency-based and customised in line with the recommendations of the Infield Sales Review.

Personal Growth for Salespeople

To successfully apply sales skills and sales strategies requires the sales team to develop, and strengthen their basic attributes including but not limited to identity, beliefs and self-worth.

Infield Sales Coaching

This is one-on-one sales coaching in live sales meeting environments creating unforgettable learning and skills development experiences

Sales Consultants’ purpose is to collaborate with companies to reach an exceptional level of sales performance. The organisation was co-founded by Kurt Newman in March 2000.

Who Are We?

Projects completed across industries in Australia, Europe, Middle East, and Asia from small to multinational companies.

We Invest in ongoing research and services include:

  • Infield sales review
  • Structured Sales Training
  • Personal development training
  • Infield sales coaching.
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