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The Most Unlikely Salesperson

Step into the world of sales mastery with this captivating journey through diverse sales scenarios across fifteen industries. This is not any journey, it a hands-on, practical voyage that will equip you with invaluable skills and strategies for sales success.

In this book you will encounter a range of sales situations, from one-on-one interactions to intricate sales actions involving multiple stakeholders with distinct agendas. Each chapter introduces you to a different customer, client, or potential client, providing a vivid picture of the conversation, the challenges faced including self-doubts and insecurities about the sales call itself, and the sales skills and strategies that not only shattered sales records, but also earned prestigious awards across five industries.

What sets this book apart is every sales call or meeting described within is an actual event, offering both context and content to enhance your learning experience. You will find yourself effortlessly absorbed in these real-world scenarios, making the learning process not only easy, but thoroughly enjoyable.

From the initial stages of venturing into the world of sales, complete with the apprehensions, blunders and eventual triumphs, to the art of coaching salespeople across a broad spectrum of industries and mastering the complexities of sales management – this book takes you on a comprehensive expedition through the highs and lows of the sales profession. Prepare to be captivated and empowered as you embark on the enlightened sales journey.

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21 Timeless Insights for Sales Success

Unlock the secrets of sales success with this invaluable book based on experiences spanning 25 years’ worth of sales research, structured competency training and hands-on infield sales coaching across diverse industries.

Imagine the transformation impact this essential book can have on your selling career. It is an opportunity to gain insights into the art of sales, supercharge your sales, and cultivate the winning mindset you have always aspired to possess.

Inside the pages of this book, you will discover proven tips and practical, step-by step skills that can elevate your sales career. Each chapter is precisely punctuated with thought-provoking questions, offering you the chance to assess and reinforce your newfound knowledge. These questions can be an invaluable tool for sales managers looking to coach and nurture their sales teams to higher levels of performance.

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