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Timeless Insights for Sales Success

An essential handbook that could propel your selling career. Want to increase your sales? Looking for proven tips that will boost your sales career in any economic environment?

Based on 25 years’ experience in sales research and training, 20 Timeless Insights for Sales Success gives you the tools you need to boost your sales and your attitude.

Salespeople use this book to develop greater insight into sales or by sales managers in conjunction with their sales training.


Includes postage and handling


The Most Unlikely Salesperson

This book’s anticipated release is the third quarter of 2022. To enquire email

The book takes you on a journey, a practical journey into a range of sales situations across industries including one-on-one sales through to complex sales involving multiple people with different agendas. Each chapter describes the prospective client, client or customer and, the conversation, the obstacles whether self-defeating thoughts and feelings or the sales call itself, the applied sales skills, sales strategies and behaviour that achieved the desired result and major sales records.

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