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Who Are We?

Sales Consultants’ purpose is to collaborate with companies and individuals to reach an exceptional level of sales performance. The organisation was co-founded by Kurt Newman in March 2000.

Projects completed across industries in Australia, Europe, Middle East, and Asia from small to multinational companies.

We Invest in ongoing research and services include:

  • Infield sales review
  • Design and implement customised sales skills and sales strategies
  • Personal development training
  • Infield sales coaching.

A six level sales competence criteria is used to propel salespeople to higher standards of sales competence.

It is common for non-sales issues impacting a company’s performance to surface during the review process. In these situations the client has the option to use a senior associate of Sales Consultants to solve the issues.

“Sales Consultants is led by a natural sales leader with an outstanding track record of
increasing revenues and decreasing costs.” Ed Turval Director Business Transformation,

About Kurt Newman

Kurt’s professional journey spans continents and industries, with a proven record of delivering outstanding results for companies ranging from small enterprises to multinational organisations across Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. His strategic ability has consistently driven sales revenue growth, achieving remarkable increases ranging from 10% to 56%.

Recognized as a sales expert, Kurt has achieved major sales awards across five distinct industries. His capability extends to different sales environments, encompassing new product sales; consultative sales; relationship-driven sales, and the competitive field of retail.

Kurt is the author of 21 Timeless Insights for Sales Success. His latest book, The Most Unlikely Salesperson has attracted comments including ‘engaging’ ‘relatable’ ‘insightful’ ‘practical’ and ‘funny’. This one-of-a-kind book is a narrative on actual sales and sales strategy situations from retail to board of directors, tangible to intangible products and services.

“Kurt’s knowledge of the sales process, his ability to impart new ideas and technology is
of the highest standard.” Ross Hardy Senior Sales Executive, OOCL AUSTRALIA

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