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Case Study #4

Overview of the Organization

The largest independent electrical wholesale business in NSW. Annual turnover $15million, external sales team of five operate from a geographically located branch network. No new account sales in the previous six months, competitors win business by offering greater discounts and existing customer sales flat. Salespeople sent to sales training courses but no improvement.


  • To develop new business and grow existing customer sales
  • Win business from large competitors.

Methodology and Process

The Infield Sales Review was implemented to assess and uncover the reasons for the present situation. The process involved interviewing the managing director, general manager, branch managers, internal sales, and warehouse personnel. Kurt Newman accompanied individual salespeople on new and existing customer sales calls. Major competitors were evaluated.

Internal and external salespeople’s product and industry knowledge rated high, but sales competence low at Level 2. Several external salespeople had low self-worth.

The report of the agreed objectives, findings and recommendations was presented to the managing director and general manager. The recommendations were accepted.

A structured competency-based tailored training and development program was designed and implemented for entire company.

Infield sales coaching was implemented for the external sales team. The initial program rolled out over twelve months.

Outcomes & Key Benefits

  1. External salespeople dedicated two hours per day to business development resulting in a mean average of four new accounts per month per salesperson.
  2. Sales grew by 20%.
  3. The sales competence level for two external salespeople improved to Level 4, and the remaining salespeople to level three.
  4. Internal salespeople were teamed up with their external salespeople to work as a cohesive team. Salespeople were rarely in the office allowing them to dramatically increase the number of sales calls per week and sales.
  5. A sales strategy and sales process for winning long term government and corporate contracts was introduced. This resulted in several contracts being awarded. This was a first for the company.

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