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Case Study #1

Company Overview

One hundred and seventy corporate and franchised business outlets, revenues exceeding $400million, one hundred and forty salespeople, four thousand eight hundred stationary, and office technology products.


  • To develop new sales opportunities and increase existing sales
  • To professionalise the sales team.

Methodology and Process

The first step was to assess the current situation by implementing an Infield Sales Review. Kurt Newman attended sales meetings with salespeople, structured questionnaire used, and major competitors evaluated.

Sales competence was well below average with most struggling to meet sales revenue targets. The review process included internal customer service personnel, branch managers and dealer principals.

A report of the agreed objectives, findings and recommendations was presented to the Chief Executive Officer and the National Sales & Marketing Manager. The recommendations were accepted.

An internal company Office Academy was established and managed by Sales Consultants. This involved designing numerous tailored training and development programs in sales, strategic sales, basic understanding of finance, tele-sales, customer service, sales coaching, and sales management.

Six sales competency levels were developed for the external sales team. Each course used a competency-based format. One of the Office Academy’s function was to evaluate potential new employee’s suitability to the business. They had to attend the sales training and be rated competent on conclusion before employment was confirmed.

Attending the Office Academy and being rated competent was followed by Infield Sales Coaching.

Within seven months the National Sales & Marketing Manager and two key account managers qualified at Level 6 Sales Competence. They undertook further training to become the company’s sales coaches.

Outcomes & Key Benefits

  1. The mean average new account sales rose from two to fifteen per month. A sales record of forty-three new accounts in one month was established.
  1. The winner of the first Salesperson of the Year Award was only twenty-two-years of age. He also achieved the highest profit margin of 7% above his peers. Runner up was a young nineteen-year-old who won the top award the following year.
  1. A product category expansion record was created at 2.1 new product lines per sales call over a twelve-month period.
  1. The average sales competency level improved from 1.5 to 3.5. Three salespeople qualified at Level 6 – The Professional.
  1. Tele-salespeople were employed and trained to actively canvas new business opportunities. This shortened the selling cycle and increased sales.
  1. A tele-customer service team were established and trained to manage and sell to customers in remote locations. This was a productive and cost-effective way to manage these customers.

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