Who Are We

Sales Consultants was founded by Kurt Newman in January 1990 with a purpose to help businesses unlock their true sales and profitability  potential.

Innovation is the key to our continued success. We invest in research and development and constantly evaluate and refine our approach to ensure the knowledge and training we bring to you is the latest and the best. Being well connected globally (with a client base that extends to Europe, the Middle East and Asia) we have our finger on the pulse of all new market trends. We pass on new skills and strategies once an approach is tested and verified. This gives our clients the confidence that they are getting the best available expert help to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our Team

Kurt leads a team of highly successful consultants who are outstanding sales performers in their own right and are gifted at business analysis,  coaching and training others to the highest possible levels of sales expertise.

Practical “real world” experience coupled with ongoing professional development is a condition of being part of the team.

Our Services

Our aim is twofold: to give our clients exceptional value and an edge over their competitors. The approach we take is holistic. We will work with you to uncover the hidden opportunities within your business to dramatically improve sales capability. We will create an action plan to capitalise on these opportunities and provide the assistance and resources to implement it.

One-on-one sales coaching

We begin by discussing and identifying the individual development needs of the salesperson and

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Infield sales review

This is designed to uncover the real issues inhibiting sales performance. The process includes

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Structured sales training and
infield sales coaching

This combination provides the greatest opportunity for everyone in the sales

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Your Personal
Sales Coach

This service is suitable for salespeople and sales managers who want to

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We nurture and grow key sales people and sales managers’ careers through mentoring. Mentoring can add value

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In-house sales academy

If your company has a sales team of 60 or more salespeople, it is worth considering developing and

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